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Happy Clients Make Us Happy!

A Sampling of Success Stories... 

Check out our Wig Out Warriors video! 😍

David - Male Breast Cancer Client
Ms. Brown Group 1
Warrior Bre!
Dark Polish on Fingers & Toes
Emma & Nancy
David rings the bell!
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Marilyn, Client

"Wow I love it, it is perfect. That is my style and color, you are amazing! Thank you so much, I can't wait to wear it, I just can't thank you enough for everything."

Kathryn, Client

"To not know the person that you see in the mirror looking back at you is depressing.  You explained everything so thoroughly, the fear of how will I handle losing my hair became answered as the mystery of how others look beautiful in their scarfs, wigs... I still looked like me, like the warrior I am proud to be. "

David Dudak, Client

"And many other things.  Clearly, Nancy offers people much more than wigs…. .she offers support, hope, advice, and love . . . all from the perspective of a survivor."

Nancy, Sister of Client

"Nancy...words cannot express how grateful I am for everything you've done for my sister. She is happy and feels great about her wig! I can see the great change it made in her outlook"

Pam, Client

"I was smiling ear to ear the entire ride home because instead of feeling like a cancer patient, I left like a normal person riding in that car. My husband loves it too since he saw a sparkle return to my eyes."

Jamie, Donor

"Please accept this wig for some beautiful lady to help her accent her beauty while she is on her journey to health."

Linda, Houstonian

"I read the wonderful article in Buzz Magazine about Nancy and her Wig Out organization. She is doing amazing work by providing so much support to women in need. What a beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit and so much resilience! I also believe that God blesses us with the perfect children who come to us with their incredible individual souls and sense of purpose. Nancy has that."

Kim, Client

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for today! Emotional and comforting at the same time! You're an angel!  I’m so grateful that you came into my life! I’m appreciative for what you did for me! You gave me back my “Power” and I can “Heal”, even deeper from my soul and spirit. You have a gift! We are all so fortunate!"

Jeanne, Client

"It was such a pleasure speaking to you on the phone and having such an amazing connection with you. You touched my heart and provided me with such a sense of comfort. Thank you!!! God Bless you & your amazing organization." 

Danielle, Client

"It was such a great pleasure meeting someone that has not only fought breast cancer but is willing to help other women in their respective journeys.  Your impact is far greater than you know.  Even as I write this note, I find it difficult to express in words. But please know that you were a personal blessing to me, even beyond the wig.  Again, I graciously say thank you and hope that we can keep in touch."   

John, Client

Hey just to let you know that you were and are an inspiration to me! I watched you fight your cancer! It helped me gather the inner courage that I needed to move forward to defeat and conquer mine. Thank you! Be well and God bless! I wanted you to know what an inspiration that you have been to me dealing with your cancer. I just wanted to let you know that you are a hero in my book. Good luck and God Bless you.

Garleene, Client

It was so great meeting you, you are an exemplary woman. I am blessed to have met you because you are an inspiration for many people, including myself. I am also impressed that you are doing all this work and helping others by yourself.

Patricia, Donor

Please accept these wigs as a donation to your wonderful charity. You provide such a necessary service and I hope in some some small way this donation will help cancer patients.

Margaret, Donor

It is such a relief to send these wigs to Wig Out, knowing I am helping another individual. Even though I have never suffered from cancer, I know what it is like to have your hair fallout and the baldness. May these wigs find their home with others and may they bring them some comfort in their life. 

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