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Oh, What a Year! by Miranda Gonzales

2019 was an amazing year of growth for Wig Out. It’s been exciting to see how what started as a chance encounter, grow into something so beautiful. From its very humble beginnings, starting with meetings out of our founder Nancy’s house, to taking appointments on the road with Wig Out On Wheels (WOOW), and establishing a partnership with Harris (County) Health System, it seems the sky really is the limit for Wig Out!

Every appointment usually begins and ends the same – a patient, usually hesitant, quiet, sometimes withdrawn, and frequently with tears in their eyes, recounts the story of what brought them to WOOW. Often times they are not only dealing with a cancer diagnosis, but numerous other life stressors as well. WOOW provides a safe haven for them to share their feelings with others who’ve navigated a crushing cancer diagnosis and the tough treatments that ensue.

We share practical information, like how to endure and mitigate chemo’s menacing side effects, such as peripheral neuropathy, mouth sores and the loss of one’s nails, but we also give out lots of hugsand exchange stories of hope, all while fitting wigs and head-coverings selected by the patients. By the time they depart the bus, they’re a completely changed person, noticeably brimming with confidence, dignity and feelings of happiness and optimism. It’s almost as if they shed their fears, despair and release the negative feelings associated with cancer.

And while every situation begins and ends the same, the feelings that are inspired and shared by these encounters are always extremely special. Seeing someone who feels confident, who smiles when they look in the mirror, who can laugh after crying just a few minutes prior, does so much more for all of us at Wig Out than the patients can ever imagine. This is what motivates us to do what we do!

To date, Wig Out has served hundreds of patients all over the country. This would not be possible without dedicated volunteers, generous donors, the wonderful words of gratitude shared by patients, and our fearless leader, Nancy! She saw a need and has spent countless hours working as hard as possible addressing it. Her enthusiasm and determination are infectious!

From all of us at Wig Out, we want to THANK YOU for helping make this all possible. We can’t wait to see where 2020 takes us! Happy New Year!

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